DJ Workshops

NB Every workshop is designed to be fun and motivational to all attending.

Vinyl (Traktor MP3 software + Apple Mac)

The original and old skool turntabalists favourite. During this workshop Gifted deliver a 2 hour Technic turntable workshop which includes beat mixing, scratching, tricks and a brief history lesson on the Technics turntable. Traktor MP3 software is also introduced and demonstrated during this workshop showing the progression of technology and the marriage of old with new.

CDJ (Pioneer)

The new club DJ’s favourite. During a 2 hr Pioneer CDJ workshop Gifted demonstrates how to mix, scratch and perform looping and cue tricks using the Pioneer CDJ turntable. A brief history is also delivered on how CDJ technology replaced the Technics turntable in clubs and bars.

MP3 (Controller S4 + Traktor + Apple Mac)

The latest in DJ mixing technology. Gifted will demonstrate and deliver a 2 hr beat mixing, effects, looping and layering session using the latest in MP3 mixing technology. The Traktor S4 is the latest in Digital DJing and will help enhance and develop every DJ’s creative mixing and production editing skills. During 2011/2012 Gifted has promoted and sold over 25 x S4 units for Native Instruments and 2twenty2.

Rap / MCing / Singing

All vocal sessions are delivered during a 2 hr workshop. Firstly group tasks are completed then individuals are put into groups and asked to work on writing lyrics around various themes. Each group is then coached until a section of a song, rap or mc rhyme has been reached. All groups are then brought back together to deliver the completed song rap or mc rhyme to music played by the instructor on a guitar and accompanied by the group on various percussive instruments.

Music Production

Gifted will supply all equipment and 2 trainers who will deliver a music production workshop using industry standard Ableton software. The 2 hr workshop is designed to be delivered to a maximum of 15 people. During the workshop individuals will learn industry secrets and how to confidently compose a piece of music using various loops, effects and samples.

Gifted Creative Academy

Gifted Creative Studio is now open and available for recording groups, vocals or individual tracks. Gifted now offer a separate vocal recording booth and recording studio.

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