"Gifted Creative Workshops made our Hospice 10th birthday event (held in Stafford Victoria Park) an extremely memorable one. Gifted provided music, DJ demonstrations and a great DJ Workshop that that allowed children to try their hand at rapping, scratching and using effects to produce their own cd's. Daf Price immediately connected with our audience of all ages and his skills as DJ and tutor proved a major attraction throughout a very successful day."

"Gifted Creative Workshops made our day a great success and helped us to present a surprising image of Hospice services to our supporters – I would wholeheartedly recommended Daf for any event or educational application."

Nigel Connor
Katharine House Hospice

"Professionals such as Daf Price and the many others who work with us, help to reach out to the children in ways that classroom curriculum cannot manage. We've had a tremendous response to the DJ course with boys and girls of all ages learning just what skills lie behind this glamorous lifestyle."

Justine Jones
St Joseph's College

"Daf Price and Gifted Workshops deliver a weekly DJ session on our long stay, secure male ward. Daf has been able to motivate and inspire our service users to explore or further develop their music mixing skills, rapping, karaoke, scratching and downloads. He has also introduced them to CD cover design and print and provided musical quizzes and general knowledge about training opportunities in his area of expertise. Daf has always been able to tailor his services to their individual requests and for many this session is the highlight of their week!"

"“The workshops have improved service users' general knowledge of different music genre's, DJ equipment and techniques and provides an opportunity to further develop social skills. There is also the option of attaining a national accreditation if service users wish to take the DJ’ing further. Daf and his team are always professional, approachable and super friendly!"

LSU Unit

"I must say that I was very intrigued by the introduction of this style of music, and most certainly not disappointed. It was a lot of fun and something that I hadn’t dabbled with to a decent extent until then. I believe firmly that is it most certainly worth introducing other groups to this. The possibilities for how you could remix music (even without scratching) are literally endless. Spreading knowledge of this to students I think would be a boon to the music industry; the fewer songs that are abusing the themes of violence and failed relationships to literally no end, the more room for actual variety. There just isn’t enough."

"So, if I had a hat (which would be 'mint', as people over here like to say) I would tip it to you. You are truly inspiring, thank-you a thousand times over. Keep going!!"

Daniel Sargent
College of Higher Education

Gifted Creative Academy

Gifted Creative Studio is now open and available for recording groups, vocals or individual tracks. Gifted now offer a separate vocal recording booth and recording studio.

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