Sounds of the Future

Sounds of The Future¬†Gifted is currently delivering a series of Sounds of the Future after school Multi Media skills workshops plus 20 Music and Multi Media workshops to young people who attend the ‘Raise project’ in Silverdale. The sessions are delivered from The Cornerstone Centre in Silverdale Newcastle under Lyme on Tuesdays and Fridays between 12.30pm and 2.30pm and include DJing, Drums, Music Production, Piano, Guitar, Rap, MCing, Singing and Film production. The sessions will not only explore the sounds that young people enjoy listening too but also deliver training and industry knowledge using a variety of musical instruments and multi media sound and image equipment. The ‘Sounds of the Future’ project has been funded by ‘The Coalfields Regeneration’. At the end of project a short film would have been developed with a variety of newly produced musical tracks promoting positve lyrical content and the newly learnt skills.

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