Press Release – St Joseph’s College

Wannabe disc jockeys at St. Joseph’s College are getting a master class in the talents of the turntable from award winning Stoke DJ Daf Price. Daf has previously performed all over the world often to audiences of 5,000 and more. Daf’s new company Gifted Workshops has been recruited by the Trent Vale Catholic College as part of the extended curriculum programme which is designed to enrich every child’s education.

Daf said: “A sense of rhythm helps but basically anyone can become a DJ. However, if you are going to keep a crowd entertained for five or six hours then you must have all the latest technology at your fingertips.” All young people that attend a Gifted Workshop will learn new and existing DJ skills and then be able to entertain school friends at end of year school dances and discos. He added: “There has been a fantastic response with children wanting to fuse live jazz and dance music and coming up with some really original, wacky and creative ideas.”

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