Gifted deliver a DJ Package with a twist …

When you book a ‘Gifted DJ Birthday’,
Gifted will train you to become a DJ for your own party.

Gifted is offering an hour DJ session completely free when you book a ‘Gifted DJ Birthday’ During this hour session you will be trained how to use industry standard DJ equipment and be able to DJ at you own birthday party…How cool is that…and don’t worry, should you want to hit the floor and groove along with your friends to your favourite song, you will have a Gifted professional trainer DJ at hand to fill in until you want to take full control of your party again.

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N.B: Gifted DJ trainers will set up equipment, be available to DJ at anytime during the booking times of the party and fully dismantle all equipment when the party has finished.

Gifted Creative Academy

Gifted Creative Studio is now open and available for recording groups, vocals or individual tracks. Gifted now offer a separate vocal recording booth and recording studio.

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